Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So now we are into the new year!!1986 has arrived and with all our new years resolutions probably gone out the window already. Laura (have to start giving these nannys names not their real ones ha ha) and I decided its time for some new clothes so off to the shops we went, we landed in Bradleys it was huge never seen a shop that size and it had everything from soup to nuts in it just like Walmart has today! we were in our glory and I remember picking out a beautiful navy (my favorite color for anybody whos interested) sweater, a pair of white sneakers and a tape player with head phones and i thought i was great, the tape player by today standards would be a getto blaster hanging of your head but here i was with all my new stuff and having a ball. Now when i washed the so called lovely sweater it became two sweaters and when i put it in the dryer it nearly went on fire ah yes good old acrylic a fucking fire hazard, and when it came out of the dryer it wouldn"t fit a doll ah jesus you live you buy and you learn!!! Bradleys was infact a cheap store and dopey me thought i was buying the best!

By this time the kids I was surpose to be taking care off were use to me and so use to me that on my days off if I and the rest of the gang hadn"t gone galavanting into the city they would knock on my bedroom door at 7am and say we want to play huhhhh get away you little bollock i would say into my pillow and then I would hear the mother say "leave jackie alone its her day off" ha and ahhhhhhhhh lovely i will sleep for another couple of hours, the best sound was when I heard the garage door go up and the car start then I knew they were going out for the day byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and yes some peace and a smoke out the window I wasn't surpose to be smoking out of, its starting to sound like I don't follow rules hee hee.

Meanwhile Opal was still getting use to her new digs, one of the kids she had to take care of was about 7 and was already a little professor and his mother dressed him in fancy pants and oxford shirts like he was going to teach at some college jeeze louise no playing in the dirt with this kid. Opal and Julie were friends or at least knew each other from home so we would all head down to were Julie worked and hang out in her house. In the kitchen over the light switch it said outen da lite (don't know what language that is) but the way we say it is turn the fucking light off.