Friday, June 19, 2009

The new book out "just like family" reminds me and I'm sure alot of others out there of jobs we have or jobs we've had over the years. I know for me I've worked for the best family and the craziest family over the 25 years I'm in the nanny business, no two families the same but all with the same objective to love and cherish the children we take care of 5 days a week. When I came to the USA back in 1985 it certainly was not my goal to take care of somebody elses children and yet thats what I found myself doing, meanwhile I had no knowledge of changing, feeding or caring for infants or toddlers quite honestly I hadn't a clue and therefore figured I would wing it for a while till I found something I enjoyed not realizing I was not ina position to do much of anything else as I was not here legally at the time. Is this the reason many of us worked and sometimes lived in other peoples homes? I think so!!!

When I read the book by Taishe Blaine it began to bring back my own memories good, bad, funny, mischievous and sometimes emotional. I began to think back to the jobs I had as a nanny at the age of 20, the first taking care of 2 little boys in New Jersey one out of diapers and one in diapers and while they were good kids I was too imature to care about them as their mother did. I did as I was told (not really but gave the impression I did) and looked forward to the end of what was long long days. I was homesick and would think to myself what the hell am I doing taking care of somebody elses children??? and futhermore why can't these mothers take care of their own kids after all they didn't work,but there I was on a wing and a prayer living with strangers and the family having a stranger living with them and the saying "just like family" being said frequently huhhh I didn't feel part of nor did I want to after all I was not going to do this kind of job for long, so I tried to make the best of it. I went so far as to be willing to walk the dog ( ME that was unheard of) just so I could have a cigarette what I didn't know was I was to pick up the dog crap with a plastic bag (yuck yuck yuck) and I became the laughing stock among our nanny group!!!!!!

There was alot of nannies around the area were I was working at the time and so we would meet up and go galavanting around the area or when the weekend came off to New York City to party and drown our sorrows after all if you were doing what we were doing you'd be drowning your sorrows too!! I was free when I was in NYC and free to do as I pleased which I did and when the time came to return to the family for another long week I didn't want to go back but of course I had to were else was I going to go in this huge country.

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