Sunday, July 5, 2009

So When I arrived in New Jersey and began working for a family I asked myself what in the name of jaysus am I going to eat here in this strange land and strange fridge (what could be in it? and will I like it? or will I starve?) So to my surprise there was plenty of edibles in the fridge and so I began stuffing my face. I must say when one of the kids asked me for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich I thought what the fuck is that jelly on bread Huhhh, the jelly I knew and was use to was in a bowl and was eaten as a desert and now these kids want it on bread so OK, I went to the fridge and found a jar of peanut butter (chunky style) but for the life of me I could not find a bowl of jelly. After a while of looking like an ejit (idiot) I asked the kid to find it and by jesus he found it no bother but it was ina jar, ah for fuck sake it was jam!!!! The four year old looked at me like I just landed from space. And I said to myself just eat the fucking sandwich.

Dinner time was another shock the woman was making chicken for dinner and I figured lovely I'll have some of that till she asked me to get out the cornflakes and put some on the chicken ahh here whats with these people they are having breakfast and dinner together, but seeing I was new in the house I didn't wan to be picky so I ate some of it and to be honest I don't believe it was that bad.

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  1. Hi Jack, loving the posts, cant wait to hear more!! Love Leona.